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Mobell & Krizevac

Mobell Communications are a world leader in international mobile phone providers. We've been selling & renting top quality mobile phone services for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on getting the best quality in products and technology.


How We Do It

How profits help build communities


How It Started

Mobell Founder - Tony Smith

Mobell & Krizevac Founder Tony Smith with his tour guide on Mt. Mulanje.

It All Started With One Man’s Desire To Make Calls While He Was Travelling

Mobell was founded by current chairman Tony Smith, a lifelong international traveller, frustrated by the difficulty of keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues while travelling overseas.

When the first mobile phones were developed Tony spotted a solution to his communication problems, and since then he has constantly sought the highest quality in costs, services and technology while maintaining that the service be simple to use.

With these unique and innovative products, Tony has built a great team around him at Mobell, all who have the same drive as him.

On the back of the success of the international cell phone service he established the Krizevac Charity with a desire to change the world.

With his uniquely entrepreneurial approach Tony created several thriving businesses that employ hundreds of people in a poor Malawian township. Income generated from these businesses funds orphan places at a children’s center, scholarships for the neediest to attend school & good meals for those at work.

With a Mobell phone you don’t just travel the world, you make it a better place!



Krizevac aims to achieve a lasting positive change by creating, enterprises.

For decades Mobell has been in the business of giving to charities. In 2006 we took the bold step of starting our own Krizevac charity. At that time a decision was made company-wide that profits generated would divert to a greater good to change the world and to build Mobell into a higher-purpose organisation.

The name ‘Krizevac’ comes from the Croatian word for ‘Cross Mountain’, given to the mountain that rises above the pilgrimage town of Medjugorje, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tony Smith, Mobell’s founder & Chairman, was inspired to establish the Krizevac Charity during his visits there and has set out a vision of 15 Krizevac crosses beside needy communities, each in a different African country.

Krizevac transforms communities. This starts with placing a cross on a mountain in an area of great need. This symbolizes the values of public service & personal sacrifice underpinning the Krizevac Charity.

Krizevac works with the local communities to prioritize needs. The 1st Krizevac in Africa was begun in Malawi in 2000. The residents of the Chilomoni township nearby cried out for jobs. Using the profits from Mobell Krizevac has been addressing this need, creating both vocational opportunities & enterprises by establishing what is known as the Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise.

Who are Krizevac

‘All Built with Funds from Mobell.’

Mobell customers receive great products & quality service but probably don’t know they are helping some of the most needy in the world.


Krizevac Projects

Mother Teresa Children's Centre

‘Kids enjoying themselves at the Mother Teresa Children's Centre’

Torrent Tool & Plant Hire Malawi

‘Torrent Tool & Plant Hire.’

Bee Bikes Malawi

‘Bikes being refurbished at Bee Bikes.’

John Paul II Leadership & IT Institute

‘Students learning at the John Paul II Leadership & IT Institute.’

"Doing Charity By Doing Business"

Today, every call made from a Mobell phone helps the neediest individuals in Malawi. Buy an International Phone solution today and help us continue moving forward.


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