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Iridium Global Coverage

The Mobell Iridium Satellite Phone uses the only truly global satellite voice and data solution available.

Iridium's constellation consists of 66 cross-linked operational satellites, plus seven in-orbit spares.

The satellites operate in near-circular low-Earth orbits (LEO) about 780 km (483 miles) above the Earth's surface. There are 11 satellites in each of six orbital planes and their orbits "intersect" roughly over the north and south poles. The low-flying satellites travel at approximately 17,000 miles per hour, completing an orbit of the Earth in about 100 minutes. It is a function of latitude/longitude and beam coverage, but it typically takes about eight minutes for a satellite to cross the sky from horizon to horizon.

Each satellite can project 48 spot beams on the Earth's surface. The size of each spot beam is approximately 250 miles in diameter and the satellite's full 48-beam footprint is approximately 2,800 miles in diameter. All spot beams and satellite footprints overlap.

The large number of fast-moving satellites with multiple overlapping spot beams minimizes missed connections and dropped calls, since more than one satellite is usually visible from any place on Earth. The LEO satellite constellation also makes it possible for changing and multiple view angles to the satellite so that line of sight issues will be temporary as long as you have a view of the sky.

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66 Iridium Satellites
Iridium Global Coverage

Iridium's 66 satellites mean you're always in coverage anywhere on Earth

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