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Should you Rent or Buy a Satellite Phone

It can often be a difficult decision when deciding if you need to rent or purchase a Satellite Phone, but it can be broken down into three key areas to help you make your decision.

Satellite Phones for industries such as construction, oil, mining and maritime are the only method of communication available. During times of natural disaster and relief efforts, Satellite Phones play a vital role in ensuring communications can be maintained when, phone and cell lines have gone down.

The decision to rent or purchase a satellite phone should be made after evaluating the following three key areas:


When deciding whether to rent or buy a Satellite Phone, the first main area is need, will you require the phone on a temporary, seasonal, permanent or recurring basis. A perfect example is a group going on a trekking expedition, they will only require the phone for the period of time they are trekking, so there need is often temporary which would indicate that renting would be the better option for them. Satellite Phone users who repeatedly visit remote areas such as oil workers, war correspondents have a recurring need for a phone, this need would be better satisfied by purchasing a satellite phone.


Another key factor to look at is what you estimate your usage to be while you are using the Satellite Phone. If you are taking the phone only as a security precaution then your usage should hopefully be very little. However if you require the phone to be in extensive contact with people then you need to evaluate the cost per minute of your calls, there can be a difference of up to $ 1 per minute on calls from a rented satellite phone against a purchased phone. If you estimate your usage of a satellite phone to be very high then purchasing the handset could be the better option for you.


Many rental companies also charge shipping both ways with a Satellite rental, Mobell offers free return standard Fed-Ex shipping with all rentals along with no deposits taken. All Mobell Satellite Phone rentals are delivered with two batteries.

Many companies offer the Iridium 9555 at a lower price than Mobell's however, these phones come with very basic equipment and no accessories which you will be charged for if you want them. A Mobell Iridium Satellite Phone comes with Vehicle Charger, External magmount antenna, travel charges and data kit included in the price.

After evaluating the pros and cons for each of the options, choose the Mobell Satellite phone option that best satisfies your needs. If you have any further questions then contact Stephen on fngryyvgrf@zboryy.pb.hx or Click the "Ask Stephen" button on the left.

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