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Prepaid Cards vs. Postpaid plan

Mobell's Satellite Phone expert Stephen Clough gives you a comparison of these two IsatPhone Pro services to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

IsatPhone Pro Prepaid Cards

Purchasing a IsatPhone Pro prepaid card is often the best option if you are working on short term or seasonal projects and you know how much airtime you'll need. It is a great way to budget as you purchase your airtime in advance. You'll get great call rates without the long term commitment of monthly subscriptions . There are no contracts, no activation fees and no ongoing monthly bills. You'll also receive SMS alerts when your minutes are running low or when your voucher is due to expire so you won't lose the airtime that you have paid for.

IsatPhone Pro Postpaid Plan

A great option if you need your IsatPhone Pro on a regular basis or for an extended period of time. You can even sign up for month-to-month payments rather than committing to a long term yearly agreement if you only need it for a couple of months at a time. Our monthly IsatPhone Pro subscription customers get detailed call records each month in the Mobell MyAccount facility along with the convenience of uninterrupted service and airtime that does not expire. You'll pay a monthly service fee, get access to our best call rates and you'll get the option to choose from competitive free call credit bundles.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact our sales support team or click the Ask Stephen button on this page.

Prepaid Postpaid
Best option for Temporary projects or seasonal usage Regular usage throughout the year
Plan Benefits No monthly fees and low per call rates Convenience, flexibility and good airtime rates
No minimum contract
Rates From £0.70/min Range from £0.85/min
Free incoming calls Free incoming calls
Free incoming texts Free incoming texts
Free Voicemail Free Voicemail
Free Call Credit
Does airtime expire? Minutes expire from 90 to 365 days Your unused call credit rolls over every month and never expires
Does my service expire? SIM Card expires 30 days after voucher expiry if new voucher not added SIM card will not expire while contract is active
When do I pay for my airtime? In advance Used minutes are billed monthly
Does my airtime need topping up? Yes - when current voucher airtime has been used or expired No
Do I get itemized call records? No Yes in your Mobell MyAccount facility
Coverage Nearly Global Coverage Nearly Global Coverage
  Inmarsat Prepaid Inmarsat Postpaid

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